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Skin tag removal procedure

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  • Skin tag removal procedure

    Over the years, I suffered myself from several skin tags. I had some under my armpits, on the back of my neck, on the forearms and even under my eyelids. I searched online and tried to find solutions for these all by myself. I heavily relied on the information available from the internet. Many of them were crazy, and some techniques were horrible.

    I had one small skin tag under my armpit, which I bothered least. It was not creating any trouble. It was not even visible. It was not even painful or itchy. So, I left it alone. But, these skin tags began growing. I do not remember when they started growing. I realized only when people around me started pointing about it. I began to stress about it.

    I asked my friends and family for help. Everyone came up with their own suggestion. One of my friends told that skin tag removal surgery is effective and that her friend has got excellent results from that surgery. Is there anybody over here who has tried this procedure before? How were the results? Were you satisfied? Please give some genuine replies and suggestions. Thanks in advance.