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Which spot treatment works better?

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  • Which spot treatment works better?

    Which product do you think works better as a spot treatment

    •benzoyl peroxide

    •salicylic acid
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    Benzoyl peroxide works for me while Salicylic acid have no effect on me.
    However, benyozl peroxide can dry my oily skin out and burn when I apply too much. It is not a good thing to have flaky oily skin haha.... never go back...
    I try to use more natural treatments like tea tree oil or other essential oils. But i'm using mario badescu pink powder now, works fine.


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      I feel the same way benzoyl dry my skin the I have dry patches lol


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        Benzoyl Peroxide ruined my skin. I gave it a second chance after not using it for several years, thinking that it was the best option to take care of my out of control hormonal acne breakouts. I was looking for a 'quick fix' instead of treating my skin gently and giving it time... I paid the price. My skin is still erupting worse than before I used Benzoyl Peroxide. Basically, Benzoyl Peroxide suppresses the breakouts from coming to the surface fully in order to expel whatever is inside. That's just my personal experience, though. I agree about the Mario Badescu pink powder... I like it also. Kate Somerville makes one too that is similar, which is also good for spot treating blemishes.