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  • What age you got Acne

    My first breakout was after I gave birth to my first child I was 22yrs old since then I have dealt with acne. At what age you started dealing with Acne?

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    My first breakout was shortly after my 30th birthday, and it was cystic acne papules. Full-blown inflamed acne I may have had a couple of whiteheads or blackheads when I was younger, but if I did, they went away before I could even notice. My hormones changed drastically after I stopped taking the pill and my hormones haven't been the same since.


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      I had really bad acne in middle school which lasted throughout high school until about junior year. My skin is pretty much clear now and I only have a small pimple every once in a while but I still have acne scars.


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        I had acne since 12 years old. But I was able to control it by using over-the-counter medication benzoyl peroxide, so my skin was clear back then. Until some point, my acne was not controllable by medication anymore, then I had bad dark acne scars all over. I tried every home remedy to heal my skin, and I did successfully clear my skin back and forth. But because acne always came back, that clear skin didn't last for long. Now I am using diet to control my acne and dealing with dark acne scars.


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          I had horrible cystic acne that started last year. I am 18 this year. I made my acne worse by piling on comedogenic makeup to cover them. I also did plenty of home remedies every day that stressed my skin. Thankfully, my skin has pretty much healed now after I stopped wearing makeup for almost a year and became patient about my recovery process.


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            I've had acne since I was a child, unfortunately I'm still working on controlling/eliminating it to this day.