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September Forum Contest - Half bare / Half Covered

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    I decided to post my bare face, since I don't wear makeup anymore thanks to banish my hyperpigmentation is fading slowly, I feel more comfortable walking outside bare skin. I have acne and scars. Some times we need to remind ourselves that our skin doesn't define us. We are all BEAUTIFUL
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      i have NEVER posted my bare face online and i try not to leave the house without make up on. even if i do, i will apply some pimple cream concealer. i have scars all over my cheeks and more ice pick and boxcar scars on the left cheek. i hope i have the chance to try the banish's starter kit and that one day i can gain my confidence back while talking to people and leaving my house without make up :') i have recently purchased the banish roller and banish oil and tried the derma rolling once. not much visible improvements because i think my scars are too deep. i see that everyone here is so positive and seeing positive reviews from banish warriors gives me hope so thank you, Banish! ❤️
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        It's not too often where I step out of the house without makeup on. After having children my acne has accelerated(as if stretch marks weren't enough)... From my face, to my neck, to my chest, to my back. I have deep scaring that cannot easily be camouflaged with make up. More often than not, I get large bumps of acne that are extremely noticeable, even with a full face of makeup. It's difficult and time consuming when I try to hide my skin, but I'm not always confident enough to go a day out of the house without my mask.


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          Hi! This is my picture half bare half covered. Hoping to get better each day, make up makes me feel so much better <3 love to everyone! Great contest


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            Everyone who shared their story, THANK YOU! It feels so good to know that I'm not 'the only one' with those ugly acne scars. Ya'll are helping me and making me feel more confident about myself. I've got a lot of acne scars on my cheeks and chin, and I feel really ashamed about it. I (almost) never leave my house without make up. Ever since I can remember I'm struggling with this. I have'd so many treatments like peeling, laser, and a lot of other dermatologic stuff. Unfortunately, It didn't work. After seeing SO many good results from Banish I know I had to try It!! I really want to thank everyone for sharing their story and posting their before and after pictures, ya'll are an inspiration. Let's beat It together!

            I decided to remove half of my makeup.
            Left : Bare skin with acne and acne scars
            Right : Foundation, concealer, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara

            I'm always going to school, work, etc. with make up.
            I don't feel comfortable without make up! Hopefully will I get the same results as some of ya'll!


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              Excuse my goofy face. This smirk is a recent development since I've come to realise I'm beautiful with or without my scars.
              even with minimal upkeep and masking/rollering when I remember I still have improvement.
              Thankyou Banish for showing me the light!


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                This took me a lot of courage to post. Since I was 14 years old I suffered with acne.. I hated showing my face. Still do! I never went out without make it. My acne and scars were just so horrible. I tried a MILLION things and even went to the dermatologist. (which was so expensive, still paying it off). They recommend going on birth control. That made everything worst. I had cyst ace and horrible scarring. I decided to stop putting make up on and quickly regretted it after everyone would ask me " what happened to your face" I did put up with it for a while because I knew if I kept putting make up on it would clog my pores & would never heal. Even when I put make up on you can see the scars and pimples. I just want to be comfortable in my skin. I want to be able to take pictures with flash and not be worried you can see all my horrible scars or pimples. Today I added a few pictures. Half make up half bare. I love who I am and was happy to see how I looked. I hope I win because I am so ready to find something that works for my face. I am hopeful that I my face will clear up. I also know it takes time and I have learned to have a lot of patient with acne but enough is enough haha. unfortunately I cant afford it. I have a small jar that I put some money aside to hopefully one day be able to buy it but for now I use home remedy things and get gifted some sample size things. Picture #4 showing my whole face- Right side make up, left no make up. 5th picture of right side WITH make up- Can still skill acne and scars
                For eye shadow I used my H&M eye shadows- which I love because it was a birthday gift
                Foundation Mary Kay timewise Mattewear (I have oily face) (sample size) will hopefully be able to buy.
                mascara Maybelline plush volume express
                Dont be scared by the photos. As you can see its mostly scarring and some pimples. I was able to find something that works for my face but the acne is slowly starting to come back. Two of the photos were taken right after I washed my face so you can tell its really red. Even though I have make up on half my face you can see my scars. Probably because my foundation is not full coverage or I just didn't put enough. I love all your guys post. I read every single one. I wish we could all win. Any recommendations for scars would be so appreciated. If I win I will so blog everyday and show you guys my progress.
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                • faithkung
                  faithkung commented
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                  I feel you girl, I wear makeup just to avoid that "what happen to your face" reaction...
                  Have hope, because scars don't last forever! You are beautiful God bless you <3

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                Hey guys! I'm kind of new to this! How do you see who won?


                • paoladuran
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                  Me too! I would like to know the winners!

                • Michelle7
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                  Same. Lol.

                • Luzzy
                  Luzzy commented
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                  Hi welcome! Ana from banish should be posting the winners soon they should've have been picked since yesterday and post here. I'm want to know who won

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                Hi Guys! Sorry about the wait, all the submissions are amazing and you're all beautiful!

                The 3 winners for the starter kit are: Normadelgado22, chloeselena and momoyeng.

                Runner ups: Meagan, Luzzy, and Michelle7 Will receive a $25 off banish coupon

                Everyone else that participated can receive a $10 off coupon

                We'll contact you by email tomorrow!


                • momoyeng
                  momoyeng commented
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                  Omg... I really did not expect to win. I'm so overwhelmed. Thank you so much. But most importantly, thank you to those who shared your acne stories, they were all truly inspiring. I will surely share my journey with the starter kit and keep you guys updated. <3 xoxo

                • Normadelgado22
                  Normadelgado22 commented
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                  Omg!!!! I'm so happy!!!!! Thank you so much! I can't wait to share my journey with you guys! I